Question 1:

Does the electric scooters have a battery that will last up to 15-17miles/25-27km on a charge under specific conditions?


 I get 18 mph usually and on the range test I did I got 15-17 miles in sport mode. By the way, I think it depends on terrain, weight, and cruising speed. You can cover 17 miles with no problem with a full charge going full speed.

Question 2: Is the battery removable?

Answer: Yes, the battery is removable, it can absolutely be replaced but that won't be necessary because it is very durable. You could also use the tools to replace when needed.

Question 3:

How to change the speed? Can I change the speed to mph of the scooter electric?


Yes, you can change the speed and select between mph and kph using the MiniRobot app and Bluetooth connection. It has 2-speed models, the ECO model and the high-speed model. You could change it on the MiniRobot.

    Question 4:

    How to replace the brake? I think my brake is almost finished, where can I buy the brake rubber?

    Answer: The disc brake can be adjusted on the electric scooter for adults, you can contact customer service, who will help you to solve the issue soon.

    Question 5:

    Is this equipped with an APP? How many speed models of the 1S ?

    Answer: It is equipped with a MiniRobot APP. You could scan the QR code to download the APP. The QR code is on the manual.

    Question 6:

    How to use the cruise control function?


    You need to turn on the cruise control on the MiniRobot APP. Then you need to keep the same speed when riding your scooter.

    Thus you don't need to press the accelerator at the time. You can also drive when you release the handlebar.