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Jo Hodgson

Hi I got a x3pro one in March. I live in San Francisco and was worried it wouldn’t make it up hills. I laugh now, as I zoom up to Twin Peaks to take in the views. It doesn’t slow down and I even get the feeling it would go faster. It’s a beast and I love it. Thanks you!!!,

Byron Wheeler

It came early! This scooter is beyond amazing! It's strong, fast, and just all around built great. I love the battery life and just the overall feel of the scooter. This scooter more then exceeded my expectations! Great product for a reasonable price!

Jane Sawyer

The x3pro Scooter is one of the best ever built scooter! The turbo dual power system has enough power to throw an adult with 180lbs back at the take off and still have enough power to keep moving up the MPH speed; my maximum riding speed was 28 mph, and I had an amazing fun experience! I had gone to many locations/places and the most fun and free is travelling around the State/Metro Parks. This well-built electric scooter can handle on its own, passing all bicycles and other electric bikes/scooters. Don't wait, purchase a x3pro Electric Scooter today, an enjoy!!

Robert Jones
Very satisfied

Very satisfied this is a a great scooter. Plenty of speed (27mph) and power

Competent and distinctive.

I docked this scooter one star for the sole reason that the hard rear tire and minimal suspension deliver a bit of a rough ride if your road is less than smooth. Otherwise I like this scooter. It delivers the speed advertised without excessive weight, and it certainly stands out in a crowd.

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