Motor Capacity

36V 7.5 AH

Battery Capacity

15 MPH


5-6 Hours

Charging Time

21 Miles

Max Range

264 Lbs

Max Load


500W Powerful Motor

500W motor boasts an up to 15 mph (25km/h) max speed with a range of up to 21 miles (35 km)

Dual Disc Brakes System

The disc brake and electric brake system is highly responsive, energy-saving and improve your riding safety, providing a reliable braking effect in rain or shine condition.

Dual Shock Absorption

Even you ride on bumpy road, you will not feel any bumps, offering a smooth and comfortable ride.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rosemary Barragan

I am 19 years old and I don’t drive. I was never taught and moved out really young and had to pay bills. It wasn’t much of an option for me and my fiancé drives me everywhere with no issue. He’s currently in the army and can’t take me anywhere. I had bought a gotraxx scooter online. It worked decent for 2 weeks! Then randomly stopped working. I was extremely stressed out and searched online for hours. I found this website when through all the reviews and it seemed legit! It was pricy but my fiancé paid for it im extremely lucky! It was so worth it! I work 7 miles from my house and have to take a trail and go over the bridge. I’ve had no issues! I love how safe and comfortable I feel. The basket in the back is a life changer! I able to run errands everyday single day and go to work every single day with no problem! When I woukd take the bus it would take around 45-50 minutes to get to my job if it even arrived. On my scooter I get to work in 25 minutes! I’m super greatful some girls my age make fun of me. But I simple don’t give a damn I am saving so much money for my car once I’m ready to drive and my college! I plan on taking this with me once my fiancé gets stationed so I can zoom around. Also this is very therapeutic to me as well! I tend to go to school work and home. And this has made me appreciate my life more. It feels so nice to have the wind blowing in my hair and feeling the sunshine on my face. Especially seeing the sunset! I love my life thank you guys for making an awesome scooter!

donnie gibson

iScooter i12 500W Electric Scooter With Seat & Carry Basket

Ryan Wardell

iScooter i12 500W Electric Scooter With Seat & Carry Basket

Antonio Sanders
I scooter team you hit your objective Target

Hi I Antonio Sanders found the iscooter 12 to be very nimble when moving around the inner city of New York.it is a fine piece of equipment that lives up to its billing. As you know from my previous email I would like for it to have more power but I understand the Target that you were hitting. I have and will continue to recommend( the website) this scooter bike for inner city travel. My only hiccup is the speedometer which it doesn't have, it only has a battery level indicator when traveling the rider me,would like to know what the bike is doing? the amps the speed how far I travel etc etc that can use an upgrade anyway.it's a fine scooter keep up the good work Iscooter faculty team members. Sincerely yours Antonio Sanders.

Roy Burns

Sturdy construction and smooth ride with the large rubber wheels. Oversized seat is extra comfortable. Adjustable seat and basket add convenience. Battery life is good, especially the less your body weight. Gets good speed on flat terrain. Great for traveling up to a few miles.

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