Motor Capacity

42V 7.5 AH

Battery Capacity

15 MPH


5-6 Hours

Charging Time

18 Miles

Max Range

220 Lbs

Max Load

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Alma Thorndike

It's my first electric scooter, and it makes short trips really convenient! You can actually carry this around with you.

Oswald Wodehous

I purchased this scooter for myself, and my daughter loves it just as much. She rides it to the nearest shopping center, finding it incredibly convenient, as it only takes her 10 minutes to get there. The scooter offers three speed modes; while I prefer eco mode, my daughter prefers the S mode. The inclusion of cruise control means there's no need to continuously hold the accelerator. I'm pleasantly surprised by the battery life, as after 20 minutes of riding, only 1/5 of the battery has been used.

Cynthia Dupont

My 12 yr old son says it’s great! I on the other hand would like it to go a bit slower. There are settings that you can use to control the speed, which we’ve done, But when he’s on his own and no one’s in sight I’m pretty sure he’s changing the setting to FAST!

Hiram Christy

Great quality build scooter, goes very fast! The software and app is 10/10! Soooo convenient! Battery isn’t too bad either, very impressed. Very straight forward to set up.

Kelly MacMillan

This scooter is the best. Easy to use and easy to bring with you.

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