Motor Capacity

48V 10Ah

Battery Capacity

25 mph

Top Speed

6-7 Hours

Charging Time

264 Lbs

Max Load

25 Miles

Max Range



Equipped with dual disc brakes and electric brake, the iX3 keeps things smooth over lumps and bumps you might encounter, while LED headlight and taillight, as well as brake light, come built in as standard for safety and visibility.


The scooter is extremely comfortable to ride and with a powerful 800W motor, and dual disc brakes.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level scooter or just on the hunt for something new and fun to ride, the iX3 can certainly deliver.


The iX3 scooter is easy to ride, takes 3 seconds to fold and unfold and is perfect for off-road and urban adventures.


Speed And Climbing Power

The 800-watt brushless motors provide a top speed of 25 mph and the ability to climb steep inclines.

25 mph/45 km

Top Speed


Hill Grade

LED Display with Multi-function Console

Smart LCD meter, improved night visibility, you could find speed, indicator of battery, headlight,total mileage, etc,Built-in fault self-detection, you also could determine the fault by parameter code.
Customize speed
Cruise control with one button
Switching between MPH & KMH
3 Speeds Modes

Fold in 3 Easy Steps

Carry it on public transportation, store it in your car and any destination you desire effortlessly.

264 Lbs

Max Load


Water resistance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 596 reviews
Ivan Pantoja
Great scooter

Works well! I think that it’s a great option, specially, given for the price.

Jayson Mills
So awesome!

My iX3 by iscooter does not disappoint. I can go slow and enjoy the view or change the speed to zip around the neighborhood. Comes with all the bells and whistles!

maggie may
so fun and it really scoots!

adult rider here. You can’t have a bad day when the wind is blowing by and youre outside seeing the sights. I was initially worried I would have trouble balancing on this thing, but its super easy, and gets better when faster than 5mph, which doesn’t sound fast but 10 is a nice, cruising the neighborhood speed. 20 feels really fast when your out in open air. It has 3 levels, “eco” which stays in lower speeds and I use it a lot. “standard” is the next level and you can add more speed with the thumb lever and zip , I rarely use “turbo” because I envision body surfing down the asphalt if I were to hit a pine cone but it may be just me. I chose this model and brand for the tire tread. the leading brand doesn’t have it and I’m not sorry. with rougher terrain and even with a slight incline I’m glad I did. Just going off sidewalk to grass or dirt makes a difference in your ride. I’m super happy, I take it out every day, several times a day. Im a petite woman but I can haul it up the front 5-6 steps and into my house for safe storage. I initially bought this for the fun, yes, but also the rising gas prices. If it goes that far, why not ride to work, the store, for quick sundries from the gas station. My adult son borrows it and always comes back with a smile.

Dmitriy Drugovets
Nice deal!

I received my scooter quickly. it was securely packaged and of good quality! I quickly adjusted all the details to suit myself and for a month now he has been making me and my son happy! my son goes to school every day in comfort, since the suspension has shock absorbers in the front and rear! and the start/stop control lever has a function like cruise control, it’s very convenient!!! I'm pleased with the purchase!

Raymond Ward
Great scooter

Easy to use, powerful, love it so far