Motor Capacity

48V 10Ah

Battery Capacity

25 mph

Top Speed

6-7 Hours

Charging Time

264 Lbs

Max Load

25 Miles

Max Range



Equipped with dual disc brakes and electric brake, the iX3 keeps things smooth over lumps and bumps you might encounter, while LED headlight and taillight, as well as brake light, come built in as standard for safety and visibility.


The scooter is extremely comfortable to ride and with a powerful 800W motor, and dual disc brakes.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level scooter or just on the hunt for something new and fun to ride, the iX3 can certainly deliver.


The iX3 scooter is easy to ride, takes 3 seconds to fold and unfold and is perfect for off-road and urban adventures.


Speed And Climbing Power

The 800-watt brushless motors provide a top speed of 25 mph and the ability to climb steep inclines.

LED Display with Multi-function Console

Smart LCD meter, improved night visibility, you could find speed, indicator of battery, headlight,total mileage, etc,Built-in fault self-detection, you also could determine the fault by parameter code.

Fold in 3 Easy Steps

Carry it on public transportation, store it in your car and any destination you desire effortlessly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 735 reviews
Christine Ingan
Love it

Me and my husband love my new scooter. It’s easy to use and very fast! I couldn’t ask for more, I love how it goes so fast. Worth it!

Michael D Ellis
Better than expected! 5 Stars

I have never taken the time to review a product. This was very different. My wife and I are in our mid 60's. Both are at the upper end of the max weight. We purchased 2 standard 350watt scooters about 16months ago. Had a blast. Used them in Key West everywhere instead of needing a car. But without suspension our feet and knees took a beating so we started looking for a better option. After reading the specs and researching the company we decided to purchase the iX3. It is truly more than we expected. Being at max weight ,on flat level ground I have hit 27.5 mph. Downhill 28.5. I believe the speed control is not allowing it to go any faster. I have not had the opportunity to test the mileage. My longest ride has been 12 miles. I still find it amazing that it will go that far. But we live in flat Florida so I'm sure that helps. Our other scooters could not be used on any soft or loose surface. These just roll on. The other scooters had lights but they were only to be seen not to safely see where you are going. The lights on this machine make you very visible but also light the road ahead. Dual brakes stop smoothly. Instrumentation is absolutely superb. And bluetooth capable to bind with your phone for several functions. And the price was much less than compatible units. To say I'm pleased with my purchase is an understatement.

Jeremiah T.
Great First Time Scooter!

I really enjoy this scooter. This is my first time getting one and I must say it was a great buy and worth the money. The application feature for the scooter is ok, could be better. The Headlight and base lighting is very bright. The braking system is pretty good. It's fast as well.

David Meiler
With one exception, everything is great!

Everything has been great so far with the exception of some of the led lights are not working. One side lights up blue but the other side does not light up at all.

Rasim Ayerden

New York is a tough city to ride a scooter. But this has been truly satisfying so far! Highly recommend if you wanna feel safe and not feel like you are going to be thrown off on the bumpy streets of the city. Need to get another for my wife as subways have been a true mess!

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