Motor Capacity

48V 10Ah

Battery Capacity

25 mph


6-7 Hours

Charging Time

25 Miles


264 Lbs

Max Load

ix3 800W Brushless Motor

800W electric scooter for adult allows for speeds up to 25mph

Powerful Power From The One Motors!

The electric scooters has a 800 W motor, boosting up to 25 mph quickly. The powerful motor helps you easily overcome small inclines towards city streets.

Everything's Double Rear Suspension System

Dual Suspensions,allowing extreme comfort of the riders experience even on bumpy roads.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 255 reviews
Suzanne Morley

This Electric Scooter is a wonderfully stable scooter. Everything about it operates so smoothly and easily in comparison with my cheaper electric scooter, from the kickstand to folding it to accelerating to braking. It's such a smooth, easy thing to use, I love it and it's instantly become my go to scooter.This is not the scooter you get if you want sporty, thrill of acceleration, super fast ride.


I love this 800W Electric Scooter! Its fast of you want it to be and slow as you want it to be! I like the cruise control feature too.

Roy Giles

I like the scooter. It has plenty of features and it folds down nicely.
Mine arrived with a small manufacturing defect but the seller helped resolve the issue.

Chris W

Love the scooter I’ve had 2 different brands before this and overall the design and quality for price is excellent. Their customer services was very response and accommodating. Only thing “negative” was the advertised speed said 25 MPH but I’ve only gotten it up to about 20 MPH down hill. Not a huge deal for me given everything else being excellent. I’ve done a ton of research on scooter for around this price point/ weight/ speed/ durability and there’s very few that compare overall.

John C

Honesty this was my first scooter in life, I had to check Youtube for advice and learn about this artifact.I totally recommend this product, I was practicing it, and the velocity is amazing 25 kilims per hour maximum, and easy to understand, when I received with the box, it was very easy to build. Thanks

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