Motor Capacity

42V 7.5Ah

Battery Capacity

17 mph


3-5 Hours

Charging Time

15.5 Miles


220 Lbs

Max Load

New Frontier for Commuting

The iScooter i9 electric scooter is the perfect fit for daily commuting and outdoor entertaining riding.

Powerful 350W Motor

It is powerfulenough for 15% climbing gradeand up to 17MPH speed

Dual Brake System for Enhanced Safety

The front electronic brake works with the rear disc brake, controlled by one lever, to ensure an efficient and reliable braking system.

Battery Management System For Protection

Designed to keep you safe, the BMS monitors the working status of the battery at all times and provides overcharge and discharge protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection.

Shiny LED Headlamp

The headlight delivers Increased safety in dark surroundings. Based on the Bright/Dark Cut-Off Line, focusing the lights at a low angle on the road will provide extra visibility and safety.

Smart APP Controller

lock/unlock, light on/off, gears, start mode (zero start or non-zero start), set maximum speed,cruise control, etc. The APP is very smart software that can help you use the electric scooter easily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Eric Mayer
The Real Deal

Daughter needed something to get around the College campus her freshman year. Far exceeded my expectations for build quality and features. Durable enough to go anywhere yet lightweight for her to carry inside to some of her lectures. Well deserved 5 stars. Also had my brother check it out as he was looking for something to get around on while his Tesla is hooked up to a charging station in the city.

Mark Haber

I love it so far, it has been helpful for me to get around my area. Looking forward to getting a newetone that goes a little bit faster! Thank you!

Sherri Beasley

My grandbaby loves it

Mingfeng Lin
Both tires turned flat

Im not sure if this is because i ride this from and back to school but i got the honey comb tires because i wanted my tires to last long but a month in having my scooter, my front tire broke, now the company DID send me a new one so i fixed it but then 2 months later the back tire broke. And let me tell you, the issue with the front tires was that the rims were leaking out air, it wasnt because of any puncture in the tires or nails i had ran over. With the back tires, i have no idea why it has no air, i even tried to pump it and it kept leaking air. I really do like the scooter but this things tire broke in 4 months of having it. Its fully functional except for the tires. If anything i would really recomdend this company to make the tires better

Lars E. French
Problem with Bluetooth otherwise all good

The Bluetooth does unfortunately not work at all although everything else works very well.

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