Motor Capacity

48V 15Ah

Battery Capacity

28 MPH

Max Speed

6-8 Hours

Charging Time

31 Miles

Max Range

330 Lbs

Max Load


Speed, power, range, and safety — the iX4

The iX4 all terrain electric scooter is a premium riding experience with a powerful motor, long range, and outstanding safety and reliability.

Speed And Climbing Power

The 800-watt brushless motors provide a top speed of 28 mph and the ability of 35% to climb steep inclines.

28 MPH/45 KM

Top Speed


Hill Grade

Longer Range

The 48V 15AH battery powers the iX4 off road electric scooter for adults for 28-31 miles per charge.

EABS+Dual Brake System

Front Electronic Brake + Back Drum brake ensure quick response and strong breaking power for extra safety

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Quinn Owen

I need a all terrain electric scooter for adults to get around my big college campus, and this scooter has been perfect.It would be better if it could be cheaper for a student.

Jack Twain

Definitely recommend! Always ride it to work. It's the best off road electric scooter for adults.

Valerie Wright

Seems durable enough ,but I'm 51 and it is wicked fast ,I recommend wearing a helmet and protective gear when you riding it.

Elizabeth Yule

I love my new off road scooter. I used to have drive a small one but I got used to this size quite quickly. The battery lasts significantly longer comparing to more compact models. The first charge lasted 39km. It takes a few hours to fully charge. The lights are great, makes you visible at night. Apart from the white front light, rear red light and the blue light underneath it also has 2 yellow signalling lights on each side. Makes driving on the road safer. It has 3 gears and can go very quickly. I think it's a great cheap off road electric scooter especially if you travel longer distance.

Gustave Violet

The battery life is great after a 1 hour of riding the battery level went down 3 bar. I took this all terrain scooter electric over a bridge on dual motor no problem. The suspension is a little stiff but not a deal breaker. I would love to see a locking mechanism to secure the handle bars for easy carry.

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