Motor Capacity

36V 10.4Ah

Battery Capacity

19 mph


4-6 Hours

Charging Time

21.7 Miles


264 Lbs

Max Load

Unlock your New MAX

On city roads, back alleys, or gravel paths in the countryside, the iScooter i9Max will be your perfect companion!

i9Max Overview

A comprehensive explanation of the structure that is easy to understand for every customer.
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Customer Reviews

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Great scooter, great price. I had one 2 times more expensive and it was not worth paying that much.

One Above
Best Entry LVL scooter

I9max 500w escooter Fast delivery (7day) before and after delivery customer service with tracking #. Well package 10mins to put together with tools provided 90% pre charges
Speed 20mph (185p male) battery range 22+miles. Front and rear light. Best part are solid tires and superb suspension for smooth and safe ride

Garth Weaver

Excellent scooter, and excellent customer service. I purchased the i9 Max a couple of months ago, and it is an excellent scooter! I ride approximately 70 miles per week and have absolutely no complaints. I had one very minor issue with the scooter that did not affect the drive ability or functionality of the scooter, and I have got to say that the customer service with this company is excellent. They responded to my inquiry within a day of contacting them, and they had the replacement part out within another day, and it arrived very quickly. Like I said, the issue was very minor and did not affect the performance of the scooter and it got resolved very quickly. As far as the scooter- it rides very smoothly, the shocks really make the drive ability much more pleasant than similar models that dont have shocks, and the battery lasts forever! The top speed with lighter riders is 21 mph- I weigh about 175 and hade gotten this scooter up to 19 mph. Ive also traveled more than 8 miles and still had plenty of battery to go plenty further. The construction of these scooters is very solid and you wont find yourself riding around hearing any weird rattles or experiencing any play with the handlebar stem. I should also mention that these scooters are a lot of fun to drive. Either way, I am very happy with my i9 Max and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a quality scooter for under 500 dollars.


Great Scooters, Excellent Customer Service!

Laurie Beach

Had this scooter over a month now. It is amazing.

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