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I scooter her in the back and she moved

Ice scooter really took care of me the company sent me a new throttle with my scooter came messed up from USPS with the hole in the box and I'm very happy to deal with them with paying $35 for a new motherboard or dashboard assembly and very happy to be dealing with them hopefully it comes on Thursday as they say

David Polizzi
I love it

So much fun. Well built. Agreed value.

Nicholas Danaluk
New and Improved

This current 2023 model has 3 improvements I am aware of over the 2021 model and one stumble.

The new model has an updated GUI with improved graphics display, new front suspension and an adjustable headlight. None of them were necessary, but they are noticeable refinements of the basic product design.

The GUI looks more modern, but the front suspension makes riding over sidewalk cracks and brick roads much more tolerable- especially with the solid tires which will be addressed at the end.

The adjustable headlight is an inexpensive improvement that greatly enhances night riding by illuminating much further in front of the old model. I rode them both side-by-side and the non-adjustable only lights up about 10 feet in front while the new model can go much further past braking distance.

The major problem I have with the unit is that although advertised with 10" wheels, the new model only comes with 9" tires which limits maximum speed to 19mph. The older model has true 10" tires and tops out @ 21mph. It pulls away from the new unit and also has more range because of tire difference with batteries remaining the same.

I only paid $285 for a refurb new model in 2023 while I paid $450 for the older model new in 2021. The ride quality is definitely better on the new unit and if they put true 10" tires on it that would made it better on every point.

For the money the new unit was a good value if it lasts.

Dominic Penn

A solid form of transportation that’s a lot of fun to ride.

Queena Christ

Very pleased with the simplicity of this scooter.

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