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Edward Blake

It has nice speed but in the cold weather it doesn't keep up with the scooters that cost a little more; more range than speed wise.
I got it for my wife who wasn't to keen on electric scooters and now that she's warmed up to it she really like this scooter. It works for her.

Bertha Tony

This a very nice scooter for the price point. My daughter primarily uses it within the neighborhood to visit friends. She hasn’t had any issues in the two months that we’ve had it.

Yvette Juliet

I bought this as a gift for my husband, but of course, I tried it too. It's exactly as it was described, and everything people said in the reviews was correct. It's a great scooter for the price, easy to use.

Larry Joyce

amazing scooter, had so much fun with it going to and from work, me and my buddies have an amazing time riding these would definitely recommend.

Marian Moore

Love this scooter! Great bang for the buck!!!
Fast and fun to use

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